Monday, June 7, 2010

Things of thingness

Thinking up catchy subject lines is hard.

Ahem, anyway yesterday I went to the Renegade Craft festival and decided it is not the appropriate venue for me.  It was hot and humid and there was a tornado watch.  Dude, Brooklyn?

No pictures, because it was seriously gross out.  A storm blew through in the late afternoon and washed a bit of the heat away, and by 9pm the whole area was in the embrace of a totally different weather system that dropped the temperature by 15-20°.  That kind of temperature is much more conducive to yarn buying!

I did grab a few pictures while sitting in Manhattan traffic, though.  I like the contrast between the buildings and the clouds. And the reflections off the buildings in the one struck me as really cool.

More chatter after the jump.

So, as a self avowed yarn addict with SABLE, it's got to be bad if I can't pull together the least enthusiasm to look at the yarny offerings.  I only noticed a couple vendors with yarn and fiber, and all I could think about was the dust and the heat and the humidity, and how everything got covered with a thin film of sand and dirt from the wind. So yeah, Renegade is a great festival with lots of high quality goods, but it's not my kind of festival.  Not when June has turned into such a crap shoot weather-wise.

Still, I met up with a friend there and we had a good schmooze (even if the cheesecake I got at the coffee shop was moldy XP XP XP, at least the lemonade was good).  And now I can face each application period for the Brooklyn Renegade festival with equanimity and no guilt about sitting it out.  If I were in proximity to the San Francisco festival, it would be different. But this one is definitely not for me.

In entirely unrelated things, I finally managed to catch a picture (blurry though it is) of the big dragonflies we have around here. This is the critter that invaded my dreams. I like them in the normal way of things, but not enough to dream about them. :P

And because they are just too lovely, some farm fresh strawberries picked this afternoon. They will be gobbled up after dinner.

I mailed out giveaways today, and I'm busy plotting the next ones. So "watch this space!"

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