Thursday, June 10, 2010

Blibbering humdinger

I managed to eat half a pint of ice cream without really noticing how it happened, and take and edit some pictures.  So, I updated the shop with some stitch markers.  I think my favorite this round are the agate ones. They glow in the light, and are just so cheerful.

Stitch markers in Australian jasper, dalmatian jasper, green line quartz, and agate.
Clicking on the picture will take you to the stitch marker section of my shop.

I'm not sure if I like how that gallery image turned out. It's a little too busy, and consequently slightly crazy making. But I'm going to leave it as it is, because I still have trouble drawing straight lines in Gimp. :P

This weekend is busy busy busy.  Saturday is the first WWKIP day weekend, and I'm going cherry picking on Sunday.  Cherry picking for sour cherries, mind. Which means I'll be canning cherries when I get home.  I missed sour cherry season last year and was incredibly disappointed. This time I added it to my calendar and then started stalking the u-pick about 2 weeks ago. Between sour cherries and local peaches, a few weekends of canning means I have summer in a bottle all winter long. Now I just need to find all my pint and half pint jars!

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