Sunday, August 7, 2011

Time keeps on turning

First things first, the recipient of August's laceweight yarn giveaway is Knitmish! I've msg'd via Ravelry.

It was fun to see how many other people craft in the evenings or even late at night. Especially the late at night part. *insert long analogy that ties in to The Frisco Kid and the term "londsman" here and then delete it because it's just too complicated* Thanks for playing, everyone!

Meanwhile, back at the ranch I've realized that the Garden State Sheep Breeder's Festival is in less than 5 weeks. I... have a lot to do. This week I'm pulling out all my boxes of undyed stock, retaking an inventory of it and deciding just what I'm going to dye up for the festival this year.


Among other things I need to do is aaaaallll my NerdWars knitting, and I've really been letting down my team with regards to housekeeping and cheer leading. And I need to dream up a few simple patterns to give away at my festival booth.

I've also been debating listing finished projects in my old Etsy shop as a sort of shop sample sale, since I'm accruing more pieces than I can display. That's on the back burner but it's been percolating for a while now. Hopefully Etsy will have implemented its multiple shops under one owner changes before I'm ready to do this.

I have managed to do a few things that are long range productive, however. OK, one thing. My concert sock is complete! ... Yes, I know it's just one sock. *looks shifty* I never said I was a sock knitter!

But this sock will be a lovely addition to my festival booth, demonstrating how Three Hares works up and how a colorway like Happy New Year looks. It's 9st/in and I worked it up on 0s. The mill suggests US#2s, but I like my socks, even my display socks to be "bulletproof".

That nifty sock blocker is one of a pair I purchased from SevenYaks. I decided that simply stuffing a sock into the wire of one of my cubes was not conducive to showing off the fabric at all. Now that I have two sample socks, this one and the cabled one in Jackrabbit, I think it's time they graduated to a more polished presentation. I bought the medium size and they're exactly my dimensions as a size 7 wide.

OK, now I have to go back and do some critical NerdWars stuff and work on my listing titles. Etsy is working on its relevancy search and my listing titles are really poorly set up for relevancy as they've described it. Hope everyone's having a good Sunday! I'll leave you with the little Aurora figure I knit up for NerdWars (BSG reference, of course). She's flying high above my work table as a reminder of something or another profound.

Monday, August 1, 2011

After Dark (a fine giveaway)

It's August! When did that happen? July managed to pass in a haze of family and excessive heat. I almost wrote excessive heat and family, but that would imply that there was excessive family, and while that may sometimes be true it wasn't in this case! But I'm still not clear on exactly where all the time went....

Still now it's August 1 and that means I have a giveaway for you! I think this one is particularly fine, both literally and figuratively fine because I'm giving away some laceweight.

The 2ply laceweight I decided to carry is a very precious yarn so it's been difficult to justify samples. However, I had one skein that weighed exactly 100g. You know what that means, right? Samples or giveaway! I decided "go big or go home".

I asked a friend what colorway I should dye to give away and she said "After Dark". So here it is, a skein of After Dark. At 18-19wpi, it's perfect for most lace knitting.

Now, I only have the one skein and each skein is over 900yds long, so I decided that splitting it in half would be a good taste for two lucky winners. And then I decided that no matter how pretty a skein of laceweight is when it's all twisted up with the colors flashing through it, it's even more delicious to be able to start knitting right away. This is especially true if one doesn't have a ball winder! So I've wound each half into a cake.

I'm giving away one of these here and one of these in my Ravelry group, and as usual double dipping is absolutely fine.

Why is this yarn so precious? It's hard to explain to people why a superfine merino and mohair yarn would be worth this kind of effort, especially when they hear "mohair". Most people don't associate "mohair" with "soft". "Strong", yes; "lustrous", yes; "halo", yes. But soft? Not so much. So when I show people this yarn that is strong, lustrous, has a moderate halo that develops upon working up and through wear, and they feel how deliciously soft it is I can practically see their paradigm shifting. When they feel how incredibly light but warm the fabric is, I can see them light up. Unfortunately I can't pull your hand through the internet to feel the yarn!

So here I am giving some away. To enter this giveaway, post here your favorite time of day for crafting things. Mine is After Dark, usually late at night when it's quiet and everyone around me is asleep. I have a very bad habit of knitting long into the night and then realizing the sun has come up when I wasn't looking. In the summer it can also be the only time when it's cool enough to work with wool!

I'm letting this one run through Friday August 5, and the random number generator will pick someone on August 6th. Don't forget to leave a way for me to reach you if you win; Ravelry username is sufficient.

So, when you you like to work on things?