Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Mundane mysteries

Cleaning the house instead of dyeing yarn today, and I have two mysteries.

Why is the pink yarn I dyed last night so firm compared to the other skeins? It feels almost hard. It's not felted (superwash, hasn't lost length, isn't felted in appearance). The only thing I can think is that the strength of that particular dye changed the hand. I've never used that dye at that concentration before. If it still feels so dense and firm after it dries, I'm going to have to list it as a second, I think. It's really disconcerting.

The second mystery, how did I miss that big pile of spilled catnip under that rack? Sad to say, I haven't had catnip in the house for a really long time, which means that's a disconcertingly ancient pile of catnip. I've never seen the cats so intrigued by a dust bunny before. Dusty cats are pretty typical, however.

In the midst of this scintillating day, I discovered I won something! I never win things! :D In this case, it's a fantastic monogrammed calendar from the Manolo for the Home's Dabney Lee at Home giveaway. The months are all different and they're so fun and bright. I'm really looking forward to receiving this.

Oh, wait, I have a third mystery! Fourth if one considers winning something a mystery. This little butterfly was flitting about today tasting the dirt and being ineffectually chased by one of my cats. I haven't noticed this variety before so I haven't the least idea what it might be. I should try looking it up at BugGuide.net.

OK, back to cleaning. Hopefully there are no more ancient and kitty intoxicating dust bunnies lingering in the corners. I'm just glad it missed the rug.

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