Thursday, May 27, 2010

Updating in the actual month the yarn was dyed! (And a sale)

Shocking! :P

These are the colorways I've started listing tonight.  All from this month, they fall mostly into two themes.  I will finish listing them some time tonight:

Clicking the image will take you to the shop. It's all Three Hares except Nebula, which is Arctic Hare.

Colonial Day and Kobol were colorways thought up for the BSG FPB group on Ravelry.  Sea Wrack is an old favorite on a new base, and Nebula is another one I've done before.
Titania, Bottom, and Peasblossom are my June Phatfiber contribution:

Also, I'm having a sale right now.  The particulars and coupon code after the jump.

I really don't do sales; I haven't ever had one before and don't plan to make this a regular event.  But it seemed right to do one to mark the end of my first year.  So this isn't a Memorial Day sale, this is an "OMG I can't believe it's been a year" sale.  And, because it seemed fun, I'm giving the heh, 7 readers of this blog, and my Rav group first "dibs" as it were.  Use the code EB2009OMG2010 when checking out, any time from now through May 31st (2010) for 10% off the order (not including s/h).  Free shipping stands for any orders $100 and above, calculated before the discount. There are also free shipping coupons from me floating around from the Phatfiber boxes, and I'll honor those as well as the discount if both codes are used.  I'll be refunding the sum after checkout, via paypal. 

I'll be announcing the sale generally on Saturday with a slightly different code, so I can see where people are coming from.

Thanks for looking! And for helping make this a really encouraging and exciting year.

In other things entirely, my yarn was in another treasury! citruscitrus :D

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