Sunday, May 30, 2010

I'm bit

I have a hat design idea. It could be awesome. It's cables and colorwork and fingering weight yarn, and I don't know if I'm insane or it's genius. I think it might be the former.

This comes about because of a Ravelry thread about what's impressive in a hat, and that started the juices flowing.  Mind, I've designed cables and colorwork before, but, well, I don't think this really counts as impressive.  Nuts maybe, but not precisely impressive.

Now this, this could be impressive, I think.  As an inspiration:

Yeah. So that's what I'm thinking. An 8 section hat with closed ring cables and I'm not sure what else. High nuts quotient is definitely a possibility.

In other things, I should deadhead the roses.  They're loving the hot weather with lots of sun.

These are my favorite single white roses with a blush of pink on the buds. They were battling a bit of fungus earlier in the spring, but I think all the extra sun has helped, even if it makes me want to melt.  The shrub has gone from weedy and sad to an explosion of glossy leaves and flowers the size of my palm.


Die Drächin said...

Make ze hat, I say! Makes it. ;)

Dale said...

I think it's inevitable. The questions that remain are what colors, and how to tie it all together. XD

K Simmons said...

Make it!

Btw, not sure why, but for some reason your posts only show with a title in my google reader page. I have to visit your blog to see the post.

Dale said...

I think I will! :D Once I get the colorways I want going. That's weird. Hrm, I really don't understand the ins and outs of Blogger like I do LJ. This is very inconvenient. :/