Monday, May 17, 2010

Stitch marker update

This is a picture of the lawn. See that stitch marker in my hand?  There's one just like it lost in the grass and weeds. This is why I should never photograph my stitch markers outside. Especially when I put the camera down on my board, causing it to tip over and fling 36 widgets into the lawn.

Especially when the widgets are green and brownish red for the May Phatfiber theme of Blossoms and Bark. 


I found all of them but one.  I finally gave up when I was starting to lose what light there was, as I had to finish the pictures.  Despite this, I did manage to update the shop with more markers, today. I also relisted the custom set since I mailed out the ones from the weekend.  Pics and links after the jump.

Pictures link to the listings:

Moss Agate and brass

Bracciated Jasper and brass

and the placeholder picture for the custom mixed set.

I need ice cream or something. It's been one of those days.


lylian.mae said...

Did you try taking a large magnet over the area you dumped them? You might find that last one that way. They have them in the sewing part of craft stores near the pins. I love mine. It's so handy.

Dale said...

That's a great idea! Unfortunately I use brass and nickel, neither of which will respond to a magnet. It's rained aaaaalll day, so I don't think I'm going to find that last one.

lylian.mae said...

Ugh! Be careful when you mow the lawn...? This is why some things in Harry Potter need to exist. A kniffler would do you some good in this situation. It's like a passive racoon, attracted to shiny things.

Dale said...

Compared to the rocks and the hickory nuts in the lawn, this little bit of stone and wire won't cause the mower to pause in the slightest. XD But I could totally use a niffler!