Sunday, May 16, 2010

Shop update

Click on the image to go to the shop, as a large version of this collage would be huge.

Colorways are from top to bottom: (in the first row the first three are Jackrabbit 6oz, the last one is Arctic Hare 6oz. The rest are all Three Hares.)
Granite, Moro, Poseidon, Lupines.
Promethean Fire, Moro, Poseidon, Common Violet.
Taiga, Banana Cream Pie, Sand and Sky, Bluebell.
Toffee, Morning Fog, Sunbleached, Silver Lining.

Big update in the shop as I toiled in the GIMP mines all night and finally got most of April edited and listed. It takes up most of the first two pages. I'll move them into color order when I list new things.

There's one Three Hares colorway missing (Daffodil) and several skeins of Mountain Hare, because they all need photographs. I also finally got around to making a custom Widget set listing, for people who want a mix of stones and sizes and would rather not get more than one set.

I had planned to take pictures today, but not only am I too tired, but the weather isn't going to be as clear as I'd like. There's nothing more aggravating than sitting outside for hours trying to catch the right bit of sun between scudding clouds. And as it is, right now there's high but pervasive cloud cover.

It's going to be a week of grey skies and rain, so it looks like I'll have to wait for Friday for May's yarn to make an appearance in the shop. Still, I think 16 colorways and 40 listings is a decent night's work. Hey, it makes up for all the slacking I've been doing! Maybe a little, a very little.

It remains to be seen if I can make my goal of 365 sales by June 1, despite going down a rabbit hole for 4 weeks. Now it's time for me to fall over, and to nurse my wrist for a while as it has swelled up with a 5in long welt. It's really annoying how even the briefest deer tick bite itches like mad and inflates like a balloon. A gift from one of the cats, that was. It's started to go down now that I'm not messing with it so much, so I think some sleep will take care of it.

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