Thursday, July 22, 2010

A Hammer and a Box

 First up, a reminder!  Today is the last day to enter in on the Ice Cream Social giveaway.  Free ice cream, what's not to like?

Secondly, I bought a new hammer. I decided to upgrade my stitch marker making tools and retire the hammer I've been using. It's a serious upgrade, too.  Before and After.
That would be a dollar store hammer on the left, that I had to pound nails into because the head wanted to fly off every time I used it. Yes, I used a dollar store hammer. What can I say? It served me faithfully all these months.  Meanwhile the new hammer has 4 interchangeable heads and is much heavier and smoother. I haven't tried it out yet, but I think it's a good change.

Thirdly, I received my July Phatfiber box yesterday and I have pictures of course!  July's theme is Seaweed, Ships and Scallywags.  Arr thar mateys, thar be hidden treasure in this here jump break!

In no particular order: Seaweed, Ships and Scallywags! 

Cards and more from
Farmgirl Chic, Crafty Dragon Creations, Spinnerette Fibers, Sarah Kate Fibers, The Dyeing Arts, Bitsyknits Fiber Arts, Crafty Puppy Lover, Wooliebullie, Natchwoolie, Wild Orchids Fiber Arts, Fiber Fancy, Wolle's Yarn Creations
Treasure Goddess - Shimmery Lace pattern
Winemaker's Sister - mermaid stitch marker
MouseWife Knits & Yarnables - two beaded stitch markers
Lampyridae - skully stitch marker

A Snorgle of raw alpaca fiber from Comfed Out Kaiser, and a KIP bag from Ruddawg!

Stash Enhancement - qiviut/angora "seaweed" (hands off me loot!)
Jag's Funky Fibers - upcycled "seaweed"
Fleecemaker's Fibers - merino handspun "coral reef".
Cool Climates - wool/mohair/bamboo/tencel/thread handspun "Inishmore"
The Dyeing Arts - merino/tencel "Sargasso"
Stricken Smitten - merino/silk "The Mermaid's Tale"
Color Bug Yarns - merino superwash "Maritime"

Thar be Fluff!:
Giffordables silk/sari silk/soy silk/milk/merino/corriedale/alpaca/angora "Caribbean"
Ever Improving Me - superwash merino "Any Port in a Storm"
Crafty Puppy Lover - bfl locks and angelina treasure chest
Natchwoolie - fine alpaca/mulberry silk "The Black Pearl"  (squishes obsessively)
It's a Colorful Life - merino top "Ocean Sunset"
To-Ply Fiber Arts - polworth top "Pirate's Booty"
Fiber Diversions - alpaca/rambouillet/soy silk "A Pirate Looks at 40"

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