Sunday, July 18, 2010

Ice cream social II - Another giveaway

It's that time again! Today is National Ice Cream Day and I've got another coupon for a pint of Ben & Jerry's up for grabs.

Just comment here any time through Thursday, July 22, about your favorite summertime treat(s), and you'll be entered in the random drawing! Please leave a way to get back in touch with you, or check back here on Friday, July 23 to see if you've won!

Once again, this coupon expires in 2011 and is only good in the US. However! Don't let that stop you if you're outside the US. If you win, I'll send a little surprise instead.

Myself, I love the bounty of fresh fruit the summer brings. One of my favorite extra special treats is a ripe, juicy peach or two cut up and smothered in vanilla ice cream. I've also been known to take a slice of chilled watermelon, straight through the melon like a wagon wheel and laid out on a plate, and go at it with a spoon. Or sit me down with a big bowl of cherries and leave me alone; I can never get enough cherries. Or I'll have a rootbeer float if I want something that instantly throws me into childhood nostalgia. What can I say, I love sweet treats!

I'll leave you with a picture of a melon. The farm gave us a few of these yesterday. This one is on the small side, but they don't get very big. 1-2 pounds is normal.

They're known as xiang gua in Mandarin, or "fragrant melon". After a bit of Googling, I found the English name is early silver line melon. They're small and hollow, white-fleshed and crisp, sweet and mild in taste like a honeydew. The skin is smooth and can be eaten. They're a bit underwhelming if they haven't ripened enough. We're going to let this one sit for a few days to improve.

Now tell us about your favorites! :)


B. said...

Fresh fruit is my favourite summer treat! Local peaches and strawberries are in the grocery stores here now, and I couldn't be happier. My current favourite thing is leaving the peaches in the fridge—I can't have too many cold things to eat in this terrible heat.

Emily N. said...

I love fresh fruit smoothies!
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monalinda said...

Since canning and preserving are some of my favorite hobbies, my favorite summer treat is Italian soda with my own home made fruit syrups. So refreshing!

rogue1 said...

So many choices...
Since July 17 was my grandma's bday, and I miss her; whenever my brothers and I would visit her in the summer, she would buy us watermelon after watermelon (something we didn't get at home). She would cut us half-moon slices, and we would eat and eat, and then see who could spit the seeds the farthest.

When we camp with our own kids (so difficult now that they are young adults) we like to make ziplock ice cream.