Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A Gulf fundraiser

A bunch of us have donated goodies to a Gulf fundraiser box that Jessie of the Phatfiber box has been coordinating. It's a big, beautiful box of spinning fiber, yarn, gift certificates, cards and stitch markers, a shawl pin, and Jessie has even included a shawlette she designed and knit. Donations should be sent to Audubon.org, each $5 increment counts as an entry in the drawing. For specifics on how to enter the drawing and to take a look at the box contents, visit Gulf superbox!

My contribution is a skein of the Jackalope base in the colorway Butterflyfish. Butterflyfish are mostly tropical reef fish and many have bright coloration. I really love how cheerful this colorway is.

I really recommend taking a look over at the Gulf superbox post. And if you can, please consider donating to Audubon.org.


PhatLady said...

Still trying to figure out how Marcus got "chinese restaurant" from this...

Dale said...

Heh, I was wondering if something like The Great Wave off Kanagawa inspired him, even though it's a Japanese painting.