Wednesday, April 14, 2010


I'm sitting here waiting for my turn in the kitchen since it's my turn to cook (chicken braised with tomatoes and onions and some herbs, I think, and pasta, and some sort of green veg). And since I can't get anything significant done in the next 20min, I thought I'd blog. (:P)

First, I wanted to flash a picture of what keeps growing. Namely my in progress Widgets. I assemble them and then they languish like that for a while until I get around to hammering them.

It's never done. *facepalm* I assemble a whole bunch and then realize I've not done the ones I need for the next month and then pull out more beads and and and. Yeah.

And then I wanted to muse a bit on how the Phatfiber Box has morphed from what I expected of it. Namely, I thought that the samples were the thing, you know? The bits of fiber or yarn in hand. But it turns out that the pictures are the thing. There's more to it than that, but I'm just going to talk about a general trend, here.

More and more, people are buying out the sample colorways from shops that they know and trust before the box drops. Last month, people in the Ravelry group were remarking on how people were buying when the video goes out. But I think it starts the moment the teaser pics for the next month's box start going up. It's a sort of advanced window shopping since the full sized versions aren't necessarily in the shops until box drop.

This in turn means that the shops are often empty of the sample colorway when people actually get the samples in hand days or weeks after box drop. Since the samples are a tiny taste of the fiber/yarn bases available not just the colorway, I don't think that's a bad thing. But it is an interesting permutation.

It does mean that I think we need to get our ducks in a row and have our pictures for the website, and our full sized versions of the samples up and ready to go as early as possible. I'm thinking a week after box drop is a good time to get the teaser up, and the full sized versions need to be up before the video at least, and earlier if possible. Whether I can manage that logistically and organizationally is something else entirely. But since I'm hoping to send 2mos at a time in the future, I have to be more organized anyway.

This is the sort of thing that exercises my mind late at night. Which is better than the anxiety nightmare I had last night, at least. I dreamt that my computer and digital camera were both stolen out of my own carelessness. I was at some sort of hotel convention and left them on a sofa in a hallway and wandered away for hours and came back to them missing. Instead of locking them in the hotel room. And then I ended up getting on a bus and driving around the city for hours aimlessly while attempting to text on a phone where all the keys were too small.

Yeah, clearly I need to get my taxes done already. Whoops, time to cook dinner!

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