Friday, October 8, 2010


First things first, the winner of this month's fibery giveaway is OneOfTheHive!  Please let me know where I should send the top and I'll get it right out for you. Thanks for all the great ideas, everyone!

Meanwhile, I've got interlocking cubes on the brain.  See, I'm supposed to do the Bazaar Bizarre Boston with KnittinK in December.  The problem?  The space is 1/4 what I'm used to filling.  For two of us.

You can see where this is going, can't you?  My own stuff fits comfortably into about 24cu.ft.  That's just my stuff. In 18 wire cubes. Comfortably.


At the height of the madness of trying to eke out some extra space without making it impossible to assist shoppers, I came up with this. Please disregard the mess that is the room and look instead at the blatant crazy.


The one good thing coming from all of this is that I'm getting really good at figuring out how to assemble these cubes without having to remove the ties and reposition them. But any more of this and it's going to be like when I got hooked on Tetris in undergrad. I started seeing interlocking cubes everywhere.

ETA:  Oh yeah, today I reached 1,000 Etsy shop hearts.


Kitten With a Whiplash said...

Those cube systems can be a royal pain. I've had so many of the joints break on me, it's maddening. I love the suspension system you rigged up top, reminds me of our Golden Gate Bridge.

Congrats to co-winner OneOfTheHive!

Dale said...

The *are*. I tried them using the really very clever connectors and decided that was for the birds. Instead, I got Velcro cable ties. It takes a lot longer to set it up, but it breaks down really fast and I can do things like hinged panels. It's also much sturdier, although less rigid. I just need to make sure the loop side is on the inside when I attach the Velcro.

rogue1 said...

Perhaps Frank Lloyd Wright can help you with this, as well as inspire colorways. ;P