Friday, September 17, 2010


At least I'm a pro. :P

Before I get into the why of all this procrastination, one very exciting thing and one fun thing. First off the exciting thing; my yarn was recommended in the Knitcircus Holiday edition gift guide on page 15.  It looks rather lovely with all those other beautiful yarns, I think.  And if you didn't see it when it came out, two of my colorways were used in a gorgeous sock pattern in the Fall 2010 edition, as well (pgs 70-71 and 90-91). They happen to be two of my favorite colorways, too.

Secondly, the fun thing. There's a gallery of pictures from the festival over at Most of the shops I purchased from are pictured in some way, at least the fiber shops. Here's a closer-up of the handspun angora plied with beaded silk which I bought. And the two giant vintage buttons that I adore.  The angora shop was pictured, but the button shop was not.

Anyway, on to the procrastination. :P I'm feeling a little attenuated and blocked. It could be post festival blahs, but I think it's mostly because I want to play with the new fiber and my continued lack of netting means I can't. I went to every shop in the area that might have had it, and none of them did. So now I've ordered some and I'm waiting impatiently for it to arrive. Really, I should have got into the car and made the trek to Fabricland. It would have been a drive, but I would have my netting!

Meanwhile, I have lots to do. Mainly, I have over 200 things to photograph and list and while the photography is coming along slowly (and with the inevitable frustrations), I'm not really making any headway when it comes to editing them.

I have three swap boxes to finish assembling, I have a 4sk request hanging up to dry, I'm slowly bringing my workspace back into some semblance of order, and the pictures keep not happening.

The thing that's really getting to me about this is that I have new things to list. And by new, I mean completely new things I've never carried before. I have a small quantity of 2ply laceweight mohair and superfine merino which I'm creatively just calling "Lace". It's soft and very glossy and it has a slight halo but nothing aggressive. Here it is in the Sea King colorway:

I also have a small quantity of Corriedale roving, and it's skinny roving that I think is perfect for knitting directly rather than spinning first (it's not as thin as pencil roving, however). I made a neckwarmer the first morning of the festival out of one 100g (4oz, really) "skein" of my Corriedale roving. Here's a picture of a "skein" in Robin's Nest.

The roving is in a crochet chain to keep it neat. It would be the easiest thing in the world to tug out the end and just start knitting. If it's too heavy for the needles (I used a 20mm needle and the gauge was a bit too tight), just pull on the fiber a little to attenuate it until it's working up just right. I'm thinking of keeping a small supply of this in the shop simply because it's fun to make things that are only 9st wide and still wearable.

You know, I should print up little "9st scarf" patternlettes and attach them to the fiber. Of course, this gets me no closer to actually finishing my pictures.

Last time I had a big push I had to camp out in front of the television and watch my way through 3 seasons of Avatar: The Last Airbender. I might have to try this batch with Battlestar Galactica, because it's easily 5x the amount of pictures!

But... and this was inevitable, not tonight. I'm unaccountably tired and I think I'm going to actually get to bed before 5am this time.  Normal hours instead of pixie hours would probably go a long way to removing my speed bump.


B. said...

Sea King! ♥

What's the yardage in those laceweight skeins? The yarn looks lovely and like it would fluff up very subtly after blocking but not really before, which is the very awesomest.

Dale said...

It's 1000yds before dyeing, so I put it conservatively at 900yds/100g. It's *lovely* stuff.

B. said...


That's my favourite skein size! It makes a whole stole with no joins or extra ends to weave in....

I will admit to seeing the picture, immediately going to your shop to buy it, and only realizing belatedly that this entry was about not having things listed yet. Heh.

Dale said...

XD Well, if you want it, let me know and I'll put it up right away. I just don't have all the pictures processed. XD

B. said...

Haha, would you please? I have a ridiculous jones for that yarn.

Dale said...

Hee! OK, both skeins in this colorway are up so you can pick the one you like better. :)