Sunday, May 1, 2011

Spring has sprung! (and a childish giveaway)

It's sprung all over my car if the thick chartreuse layer of pollen is anything to go by. But it has gotten very pretty out.

This is looking up the hill to one side of the house. A downed tree back near the white dogwood has allowed a lot more light into that part of the woods, which is why that white dogwood is so full. The pink flowering tree in front is a redbud.

The tulips are almost past due to some extra hot days, but these pink and white ones called "Angelina" (not the fiber!) are hanging on and looking very festive. They're almost like roses.

It's most definitely May. Of course, May 1 means a giveaway here on my little blog. I was fooling around with shrink film last week and feeling like a kid again, so I've decided that this month I'm giving away shrinky dink plastic film. Yeah, you heard me right. I used to cut down those plastic clamshell packaging for things like baked goods and stuff and shrink them in the toaster oven, but in this case I have the "real thing".

That's 6 sheets of frosted shrink film, one sheet of opaque white inkjet shrink plastic (not pictured), some pre-punched circles, and a box of colored pencils.

They're suitable for making all sorts of knickknacks, and there's nothing easier for personalized stitch marker charms. Colored pencil is permanent once the pieces are shrunk and the color remains bright and vivid and won't transfer. Just make sure to punch a hole (1/8in or bigger) for the jump ring before shrinking the plastic down!

To enter, please comment here with something crafty you enjoyed doing as a kid, and if you still like doing it. I'll randomly pick a winner next Saturday, May 7th. This month's Rav group giveaway is identical, but as always it's fine to enter both.

Happy May!


Anonymous said...

I loved that stuff! I was so happy to find it in a toy store a few years ago, I bought some, even though I didn't have a kid then. Now what on earth did I do with it....?

Anoush on Ravelry

Audrey said...

I once tried to make my own perfume when I was a kid. I collected rose petals from my father's garden and covered them in water in a little Dixie cup. I'm not sure where I got the idea that this was how perfume was made, but I gave it a shot. It didn't work and the cup eventually leaked. I don't try making perfume anymore because scented things tend to give me headaches. And I really don't care for rose scent anyway. :D

Die Drächin said...

Papier mache. I made a marionette when I was in 4th grade using a *lot* of paste and some newspaper. It was fun. I did it again with my niece not too long ago. She needed to know how to do it for an art project, so we covered a balloon in the stuff and made... something. :P I can't remember what she ultimately made though.

Sarah Palmero said...

I used to /love/ making things out of popsicle sticks. Like, houses and whatnot.

maurimoii said...

I had these spinning tops that you could stick a colored pencil or crayon through. You'd spin them on a piece of paper set in a tray - they made really neat designs. I haven't seen that kind of thing in years, though.

ladysisyphus said...

Shrinkydinks makes me think, I used to LOVE shredding crayons, putting the shavings between two pieces of wax paper, and ironing them shut to make 'stained glass'.

Haven't done it in DECADES, but that's the first thing that came to mind.

southernmystic said...

I drew like crazy when I was a kid. Horses covered everything. These days, I do a little sketching, but my time is mostly taken up with spinning, knitting, fiber prep, writing and drawing dragons for the kids. XD

InJuneau said...

Sewing, though I don't do as much now as I'd like to. I got my first sewing machine at 5 (or 6?) because Mom didn't want to have to share hers, I think!

(InJuneau on Rav too)