Saturday, February 26, 2011

Short attention span

Deadlines in February always have a sort of headlong quality to them. The month is only short by a couple days, but those extra hours add up when March 1 is within sight.

I've been participating in Nerd Wars all month, and I have a weaving project to finish. This was it last week. I have 18in left to do and not much time to do it in. We'll see if I get it in on time.

It's a backstrap loom warped with some matka and noil 2ply silk I have, and I've been weaving with some 2ply Gottland wool. I've started splicing in extra silk where the warp is thin, so we'll see how that changes the character of the fabric. I do like how it's turning out, but I will never really be a weaver. I much prefer my knitting needles.

I've also wanted to post the most ridiculously easy warm apple deliciousness ever, and since I had three overripe Golden Delicious apples and the desire, I made it this morning. I've got the method after the jump as it's not really a recipe so much as a thing to make when the ingredients match up with the inclination. There are two ingredients, apples and butter, and it can be eaten by itself or as a condiment.

Take some apples that cook well. I like Golden Delicious for this; they're easy to get and taste fantastic this way. Different varieties of apples cook differently, so be prepared for the possibility of a dissimilar result if using a different kind of apple.

Peel, core, and cut them up into a heavy bottomed sauce pan and add a pat of butter. It's about a tablespoon per 2-3 apples, more or less. Put the pan on moderately high heat and stir to distribute the melting butter. It should sizzle and steam and the apples will start getting soft. Cover the pan and let it continue to cook for several minutes until the apples are soft through. A lot of juice will come out and it will seem to be apple stew.

Stir the apples so they break up into a coarse apple sauce; the excess juice will distribute and evaporate and no longer puddle on the bottom. If some of the apples are still too firm to break up enough, cover and cook a bit longer and then stir to the desired consistency. Serve hot by itself or as a condiment.

I like it on toast as pictured below, or with oatmeal or dry cereal, by itself with or without a bit of cream or some toasted pecans, or over vanilla ice cream. It's deliciously sweet with a hint of butter when it's hot. No added sugar is needed or wanted and it's perfect for a chilly late winter/early spring breakfast.

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