Wednesday, March 28, 2012

... and the beanstalk

I'm slightly obsessed with the seed starts lately, so I thought I'd post a couple pictures. I keep moving the trays to the best patch of sun, the warmest corner of the room, outside if the weather permits, etc. While the other plants are more moderate in their growth, decorous even, the beans are going vegetably wild. There's even a broad bean that I planted in my previous post that has sprouted.

This was one of the first trays this morning, which isn't so remarkable (note, this is the back tray from the two pictured in last week's post, which is a neat contrast if one's of a mind to compare the two).

No, what's remarkable is this:

Look at that incredible burst of vigorous root growth! I'm clearly going to need to plant these outside soon. The broad beans (bush) have several sets of true leaves, and the green beans (pole) mostly have at least two if not four true leaves.

I've moved all the bean plants to the same tray, as well as the single pumpkin that sprouted. The herbs are slower going and none of my Genovese basil has sprouted, so after I plant the beans outside, I'm going to try starting another batch of herbs in the empty tray.

Moral of this story? If you like instant gratification, plant beans!  Especially broad beans!

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