Thursday, September 8, 2011


I can't quite believe it's Thursday night already. I have so much left to do. *hyperventilates*

But one fun and quick thing I can do is announce that LadySisyphus was picked by the randomizer to receive September's food safe dye kit. Thanks for playing, everyone! Lots of fall colors in people's suggestions; autumn must be on people's minds! A drier season would be a good thing; the flooding in the region is really bad.

In random other news, I'm almost at another shop milestone and I tend to get myself little presents for those. This time around I ordered a custom hair stick from Hapagirls. I absolutely fell in love with her copper lotus and asked if she could make me a hairstick. And she did! It's so beautiful in person and it slips into my bun perfectly and holds great. I adore it and I don't think I'll take it off any time soon, even if I haven't actually reached my next milestone yet!

Here's a blurry picture of it in. Uh, please ignore the messy hair, etc.

Now I've got to run and get some more work done. I have to label all this and pack it away for the show. This is all the yarn I dyed the last few days of August and then this week, less about 40sk of yarn and also the 2 pounds of fiber I dyed last night.

In some ways I can't wait for the festival, even with everything I still have to do. Once it's here and then done I can go back to normal hours!

Hope to see some of you there this weekend!


Rebecca said...

Pass me the paper bag. But just think - Monday it will already be over AND IT MAY ACTUALLY STOP RAINING. See you there.

Dale said...

Rebecca, there's sun! Actual sun! I've got my fingers crossed things dry out enough to make a difference. The rain can *stay away*!

Hapa Girls said...

It looks great in your hair!!!! Thanks for mentioning Hapa Girls!!!